East West World Music Concert Series builds on the many years of international musical cooperation between China’s Musical Legend Bian Liunian and diverse musicians from China, Nepal  and Norway.  The project ia  being developed as a   tribute to  the diversity of the world’s  cultures and world musical expressions  promoting world music cooperation with the rich diversity of ethnic music of east Asia  is a rich example with its many ethnic groups. The East West Music World promotes cultural diversity by building  a global concert platform for World and  Folk  music between primarily the nordic countries, Nepal and China promoting local talents to the world stage.

The 2017 Oslo East West Music Festival is a soft opening of the East West Worldwide Project developed by Sino Nordic cultural Productions  in cooperation with  OBOS Kværnerbyen,  Oslo Taiji Centre and Wisdom Together. It   brings together a unique combination of east and  west folk and ethnic world music in Oslo in a series of Intimate concerts between 17th  and 22nd October.  Ticket sales will open first weeks in September.  See ticket sales.