Raman Maharjan

Raman is one of Nepal’s foremost flute players. He has been  part of the renowned Newari musical group Vajra. Recently he has been touring with Ani Choying Dolma – here is a beautiful rendition with Ani Choying of OM Muni Muni.

Gulixiati Abudukelimu

Gulixiati  was born in the frontier city of Kashgar on the far north western province of Xinjinang, China and belongs to the Uygur Ethnic Group.  She studied vocal music art  at the Beijing Conservatory of Music.  She has mastered the SATAR one of the national treasured bowed instruments of the Uygurs.

Jinshan Alatengwula

Jinshan Alatengwula is from the Inner Mongolian Grasslands. He mastered the Mongolian Morin Khuur (Horse Head Fiddle) at a young age. Residing in Beijing he performs widely with his band Andagai.